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Roasted grapes with cheese The best recipes

Roasted grapes with cheese

Roasted grapes with cheeseSweet grapes, melted cheeses, crispy sageSweet grapes, melted cheeses, crispy sageServes 8Cooks In25 minutesDifficultySuper easyNutrition per servingCalories 240 12 Fat 14g 20 Saturates 9g 45 Sugars 21g 23 Protein 7g 14 Carbs 22g 8 Of an adult& 39;s reference intakeIngredients1 kg black grapes , on the vinea few sprigs of fresh thyme1 tablespoon golden caster sugarextra virgin olive oil1 splash of red wine vinegar50 g Westcombe Cheddar cheese75 g crème fraîche250 g Tunworth cheese (or any good Camembert-style cheese)1 bunch of fresh sageRecipe FromJamie MagazineBy Jamie OliverMethodWhen the temperature on your wood-fired oven has reached roughly 220°C (check with your thermometer) and the smoke and flames have died down, start cooking (or preheat your regular oven to 220°C/425°F/gas 7).

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Caramelised strawberry dipping kebabs Latest recipes

Caramelised strawberry dipping kebabs

Caramelised strawberry dipping kebabsServes 6Cooks In30 minutes plus setting timeDifficultyNot too trickyNutrition per servingCalories 179 9 Fat 7.2g 10 Saturates 4.8g 24 Sugars 24g 27 Protein 1.5g 3 Carbs 24.1g 9 Of an adult& 39;s reference intakeIngredients6 long woody sprigs of fresh rosemary600 g strawberries (roughly 20 fruits)120 g caster sugar, plus 1 teaspoon extra100 g mascarpone25 ml limoncello1 lemon, zest ofRecipe FromOliver& 39;s TwistMethodIt’s a bit retro, but everyone loves a toffee apple from time to time.

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Simple chopped salad New recipes

Simple chopped salad

Simple chopped saladEasy, delicious and healthyEasy, delicious and healthyServes 4Cooks In25 minutesDifficultySuper easyNutrition per servingCalories 202 10 Fat 19.2g 27 Saturates 3.4g 17 Sugars 3.7g 4 Protein 2.8g 6 Carbs 4.6g 2 Of an adult& 39;s reference intakeIngredients4 spring onions1 cucumbera few sprigs of fresh basil2 small ripe avocados1 round lettuce1 punnet of cress3 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil1 lemonsea saltfreshly ground black pepperMethodChopped salads are incredibly simple to prepare.

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Dairy-free chocolate truffles Traditional recipes

Dairy-free chocolate truffles

Dairy-free chocolate trufflesDesiccated coconut, mixed nuts & cocoaDesiccated coconut, mixed nuts & cocoaMakes 45Cooks In30 minutes plus settingDifficultySuper easyNutrition per servingCalories 56 3 Fat 4.4g 6 Saturates 2.8g 14 Sugars 3g 3 Salt 0.6g 10 Protein 0.6g 1 Carbs 3.3g 1 Fibre 0.6g -Of an adult& 39;s reference intakeIngredients240 ml light coconut milk300 g dairy-free dark chocolate3 tablespoons coconut oil1 teaspoon vanilla bean paste , or vanilla extract1 handful of desiccated coconut1 handful of mixed nuts , such as pecans, hazelnuts, macadamias2 tablespoons quality cocoa powderMethodPour the coconut milk into a small pan over a low heat and heat through.

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Everything cookies New recipes

Everything cookies

Makes 18Cooks In35 minutes plus chilling and coolingDifficultyNot too trickyNutrition per servingCalories 279 14 Fat 13.8g 20 Saturates 7.3g 37 Sugars 24.5g 27 Salt 0.2g 3 Protein 2.8g 6 Carbs 38.6g 15 Fibre 0.8g -Of an adult& 39;s reference intakeIngredients200 g unsalted butter , (at room temperature)150 g golden caster sugar50 g light brown muscovado sugar1 large free-range egg1 teaspoon vanilla extract325 g self-raising flour100 g dark, milk or white chocolate , (or a mixture)50 g toffees50 g dried fruit , such as apricots, cranberries, cherries50 g shelled nuts , such as Brazils, almonds, pecans and walnutsRecipe FromJamie MagazineBy Alice HartMethodPreheat the oven to 180ºC/gas 4.

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Stained glass biscuits Unusual recipes

Stained glass biscuits

Stained glass biscuitsWith a hint of clementine & cinnamonWith a hint of clementine & cinnamonMakes 12Cooks In1 hour 10 minutesDifficultyNot too trickyNutrition per servingCalories 151 8 Fat 7.1g 10 Saturates 4.4g 22 Sugars 9.5g 11 Salt 0g 0 Protein 1.7g 3 Carbs 19.9g 8 Of an adult& 39;s reference intakeIngredients1 clementine100 g unsalted butter , (cold)180 g plain flour50 g caster sugar½ teaspoon ground cinnamon1 tablespoon milk12 coloured fruity boiled sweetsRecipe FromJamie MagazineBy Phillippa SpenceMethodPreheat the oven to 180°C/350°F/gas 4, and line 2 baking sheets with baking paper.

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